Young People@the Barn OnLine

Our young people’s group for secondary school age young people is called Buzz and is live on line on Zoom on Sunday Evenings at 20:00.

Buzz is a welcoming and friendly place where secondary school age young people can meet. We meet during Sunday morning services at the Barn Church during school term, with Buzz Cell Group on Sunday evenings from 8 to 9.30pm. Currently we have a roll of about 15 members but would welcome any other secondary age students who would like to join us.


On a normal Sunday morning we start with tea, coffee, juice or hot chocolate and chat. We then usually have a short game, quiz or some kind of icebreaker and then we discuss something that affects the lives of young people today from a biblical point of view. We have discussed topics like self image, worries and sacrifices to name a few – things that really play a big part in the life of a secondary student. We look at what the Bible can teach us about living with these things today.

Each month we also have a fun event for Buzz members and friends such as games nights, video nights, Roller bowl, rock-climbing, cave scrambling and Grub Crawls. We also have an annual Camping weekend where we sleep under canvas and go walking, kayaking and play outdoor games (weather permitting).

The aim

Our aim is as our motto says: “Finding God, and Living with him.” We hope to have fun, inform and help young people to grow in Christ and with Christ in their lives so they can be confident, capable and enthusiastic members of the church and our local community.

Buzz Cell

This is an extension of Buzz that meets in a home on Sunday evenings from 8 to 9.30pm. Again we start with refreshments and a game or quiz, and we then have a time of worship usually watching a DVD or listening to music followed by a Bible Study, all led by the young people. We look at what the Lord can tell us about living today from the Bible. We finish with a time of open prayer involving all those present. Buzz cell is open to all secondary school students whether or not they are able to also attend the morning meetings.

Find out more

We are very open and would be delighted to welcome new members to either Buzz, Buzz cell or both. We would also be happy to meet any parents and young people who might like to find out more. For further details please contact the church office or email

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