Mark Daily Readings, WEEK SIX

DAY ONE MARK 9:30-50

There are three different sections here (v. 33-37, v. 38-41, v. 42-50). Read each carefully, pick the one that grabs your attention most and use it for your focus today. What do the verses cause you to think about? What picture does it give you of the disciples? Of Jesus? How is it challenging you to make a change? Maybe you need to focus less on yourself and more on the bigger picture God is trying to reveal to you… Maybe you need to be more accepting of those who do things a little differently than you… Maybe you need to change your view of sin to be more in line with how Jesus views it…

DAY TWO MARK 10:1-16

Divorce can be a difficult topic. First, as Jesus did in His response to the Pharisees, establish what marriage means to you. Jesus made reference to what is written in Genesis. Read Genesis 1:27-28 and 2:20-24. What picture do these verses give of marriage? What was Jesus’ point? Why do you think He decided to point back to God’s intentions for marriage when responding to the Pharisees’ question about divorce? How does your view of marriage line up with God’s intention for a husband and wife? Take some time today to pray for marriages: yours (current or future), the marriages of friends or family, the marriages of your church or community. Pray also about your personal view/definition of marriage.


What was this man asking Jesus? This man knew all the commandments and had kept them since he was a boy (v. 20). So why was he concerned about eternal life? What did Jesus say was his next step? Why did it turn out to be discouraging for the man? Where are you in your relationship with God today? If you ask God what to do in order to grow in your faith and obedience, what might His response be? What propels you toward or holds you back from taking any next steps of faith? Why? What should you do?

DAY FOUR MARK 10:32-45

Jesus predicted His death to the disciples before in 8:31-9:1 and 9:31-32. Why do you think He did it again (v. 32-34)? What would you have been thinking/feeling if you were one of the disciples? How might this have been difficult for you to understand and accept? What do you think of the boldness of James and John’s request in verse 35? What do you think of Jesus’ response? How would you have felt if you were one of the other disciples, hearing about this conversation (v. 41)? Again, Jesus reminds the disciples that their focus is off-centre. What does Jesus say is most important? How might you need to re-centre your focus to be more in line with Jesus?

DAY FIVE MARK 10:46-52

What stands out to you from this passage? Bartimaeus knew who Jesus was and called Him by name. When others became annoyed and told him to be quiet, he merely grew louder and more insistent. What does this show you about Bartimaeus’ faith? What can you learn from him?

Breaking the Mould Reading plan and general series outline theme adapted from ‘Defiance: Challenging the norm’ Source: