Mark Daily Readings, WEEK THREE


Jesus again authenticates His ministry through a miracle; this time He shows He has power (and authority) over demons by casting them out of this man. The previously demon-possessed man was so grateful for what Jesus had done for him that he wanted to go with Jesus (v. 18). But look at Jesus’ response in verse 19-20. Jesus had a greater goal in mind. He preferred for the man to stay and display God’s greatness by witnessing to others. What has been your response to God’s work in your life? When have you desired to do one thing (stay where it’s comfortable) but Jesus called you to something bigger? What might that look like for you right now? How can you learn from this man’s response to Jesus’ request (v. 20)?

DAY TWO MARK 5:21-34

This woman displays remarkable faith. She was confidant of Jesus’ power. Faith’s significance does not come from the person who has it, but rather who/what it is in. Who or what do you put your faith in… yourself? Your job? Someone close to you? Or in God? How is that faith shown in your life? What are you willing to do to get close to Jesus/grow in your faith? What risks are you willing to take? How does your faith show your confidence of Jesus’ power?


It’s interesting the parallels between today’s story and the one you read yesterday. The woman had been afflicted for 12 years and had faith to be healed, and now the father of a 12-year-old child had faith she could be healed. Both are powerful examples of faith and Jesus’ ministry to the hurting. But let’s take a different look… re-read verse 40. If Jesus were here today, what would cause you to laugh? Obviously Jesus said and did some things that could have been called “ridiculous”. What “ridiculous” word would you love to hear from God or see happen? What kind of faith do you have in His ability to say/do it? How have you boxed in Jesus with your idea of who He is and what He can do?


What do you see as the problem with these people (v. 1-6)? Jesus had returned to his hometown… to people who knew Him, His family and had seen Him grow up. The problem with these people is that they were so familiar with Jesus (or so they thought) that it actually hindered their faith. Sometimes we hear stories of Jesus so often (or simply feel we know everything we need to know about Him) that we become bored… and that boredom hinders our faith. How can you keep the proper view of Jesus today and in the future so that your faith can continue growing? What kind of faith do you see in the disciples that they would follow Jesus’ calling to “take nothing”, go out in pairs and preach and heal with authority? If those ordinary men could leave everything and follow with faith, what may be holding you back?


How do you think Herod viewed John the Baptist? What is significant about the death of John the Baptist? How/why was Herod swayed into doing something that caused him such distress? What can you learn from Herod? How can you make sure to avoid the same mistake? Why is it important to set up boundaries and prepare for challenging, tempting times in advance? What have you learned from personal experience of times that you neglected to prepare for those times?

Breaking the Mould Reading plan and general series outline theme adapted from ‘Defiance: Challenging the norm’ Source: