Mark Daily Readings, WEEK TWO


Stubborn hearts hinder our ability to truly see and serve Jesus. We can easily become bound by humanmade rules that can prevent us from doing what is best and fostering life in others (v. 1-6). Pure, seeking and humble hearts pursue Jesus, pushing through crowds just to touch him (v. 7-12). And ordinary men and women are who Jesus chose to be in his closest, most intimate group. He appointed and gave authority to simple, regular people (v. 13-21). So where do you fit? Which group of people do you relate to best? What do these verses tell you about Jesus’ ministry, leadership and how Jesus is calling and equipping you?

DAY TWO MARK 3:22-35

The teachers of the law accused Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebub (another name for Satan). What was Jesus’ response to the accusation (v. 23-30)? Why do you think he chose to speak in parables and not more simply, like, “No, I’m not Beelzebub, I’m Jesus”? How might you have responded differently if people were making a similar assumption about you? What does this passage show you about Jesus’ character?  ‘ After this confrontation, Mark talks about a visit from Jesus’ mother and brothers (v. 31-34). Jesus responds in an odd way after being told of their presence. What does Jesus’ response tell you about how he regards those who believe in and follow the will of God? What does it tell you about his regard for you? How does that encourage you, or what questions does it raise for you?


Jesus shared a parable about seed and then went into a little more detail while alone with the disciples. Initially, what do you understand about the seed (v. 3-8)? What do you think Jesus meant by “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you” and those on the outside won’t understand (v. 11-12)? Using Jesus’ explanation, how would you compare yourself to the seed (v. 13-20)?


Here Jesus mentions how silly it would be for one to hide a lamp under a bowl. It would be the same as us turning on a lamp and then covering it with a blanket. What use is the lamp or it’s light when it is covered? What is blocking your light? What are you concealing that needs to be revealed? Maybe a struggle that needs accountability, a story that needs to be shared, a gift or service that needs to be given? How does the parable about the lamp (v. 21-25) compare to the parables of the seed (v. 26-34)?


The interesting part of this story is that the disciples were exactly where Jesus told them and wanted them to be… and yet a storm came… a storm with waves big enough to overcome the boat and put fear in the disciples (many who were experienced fishermen). What was frustrating to the disciples about Jesus continuing to sleep through the storm? What would you have been feeling if you were one of the disciples? What “storm” have you been through where you questioned God’s motives and even his presence? What does this passage tell you about Jesus’ power and presence in the midst of storms? What have you learned about God from past experience that has better prepared you for future storms? What can you learn from this passage that may better prepare you for being in the midst of an overwhelming storm?

Breaking the Mould Reading plan and general series outline theme adapted from ‘Defiance: Challenging the norm’ Source: