Welcome Rebecca – Project Co-Ordinator

Welcome Rebecca – Project Co-Ordinator

Becky & Ross

We’re excited to welcome Rebecca Wilson to team Barn & Kings Inverness as we partner together to develop connections with our community. Whilst lockdown puts our start plans back a little, here’s an introduction from Becky meantime. – Mike

Hello everyone!  I hope this finds you as well as can be during this period. Whilst this is not the way I imagined that we’d get to know each other, I hope this blog on who I am and what I do brings you some kind of optimism and excitement for the times we have ahead together. My first draft of this piece sounded like my primary school induction day (my name is Becky, I’m 27 and my favourite colour is blue…), so please enjoy my attempts to do what most people dread, to write about themselves!

I’ll start by affirming how excited I am to work with you and to get to know you all; I have so many ideas and concepts to bring to you, and have been eager to start for a good while now. Everything was lining up smoothly with the selling of our flat in Fife, finding a place to live near Inverness, handing over jobs, but alas, there had to be something. That something happened to bring the whole nation to a standstill! However, every day, my husband and I pray with confidence that the Coronavirus will not have an impact on God’s plan for us. A plan which looks like is to move 150 miles North, which we can’t say we saw coming.

In saying this, both of us have very much wanted to move North for some time, really since we met each other eight years ago. I’m a very active person and have spent most of my time since I was a child swimming and kayaking in lochs, mountain biking, wild camping, and bagging munroes with my Dad. All of these activities continue to play a huge part in my life, as my husband Ross soon came to realise as ‘relaxing’ weekends began to vanish.

Aside from outdoor pursuits, I’m fairly sporty, and have loved playing for Kirkcaldy Ladies Rugby Team whilst we’ve lived here. Having moved from Perth, and my husband moving from along the coast, we found Kirkcaldy to be the center of the universe for us, being so close to family and work, and were blessed with a lovely flat and a great veggie garden. Joining the rugby family was a fantastic way to get to know people in the area and playing fixtures all over central Scotland has kept me light on my feet and always up for a laugh. Ross enjoys the more civilized sport of golf, and is really very good at it – we sometimes go out for rounds together in the summer, and I think he is thrilled to be surrounded by some fantastic courses in the Inverness area. He is currently a Golf Operations Manager in Cupar, and keen to continue his career in this area, so we’ve got our ears to the ground on that one.

Job wise for me, I’m currently an Executive Assistant for World Mission in the Church of Scotland, on George Street in Edinburgh. I’ve been looking to move into Project Management for some time and was really very thrilled to hear that Mike, Sarah and Chris were looking to offer me the job in Culloden. I think I bring with me a collection of helpful things, such as a background in volunteer management, charity budget control, advocacy work, youth work, policy setting and parliamentary involvement. Whilst the main component of my work was working on the management side of global church relations and international project development, I also loved using these skills during volunteering for the Weekend Club, a Refugee Integration service in Edinburgh, and SOHTIS, Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland, both fantastic frontline charities that I’ve learnt a lot from. On the topic of learning, I have my BDHons from Edinburgh University in Theology and Philosophy, with time abroad at Dartmouth College USA, and my MLitt from St Andrews University in Theology and Conflict Resolution, with an audit accreditation in International Relations. And it seems no matter how much you study it doesn’t take away the cringing feeling of writing about yourself that I’m getting just now!

Music has also been a big part of my life; playing the violin from an early age has given me the experience of touring around Europe with classical orchestras, and also more lately playing in ceilidh bands and with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. I’m also picking up guitar again during this lockdown period, although I think my best achievement so far on that front is making a plectrum out of a flora butter container J

You might gather by now I’m one of those (probably annoying) people with a big array of interests and passions. However, I have to say that the things most close to my heart have always been loving and supporting my family and friends, and staying close to God’s will – which has not always been easy (is it for anyone?). Faith has played a huge part in shaping my life, and worshipping in many different denominations from the Church of Scotland, The Baptist Church, Vineyard and Scottish Episcopal Churches has brought me great joy and insight into myself, and into the faith community. Although keeping the faith at times has been hard, the unrelenting love, interconnectedness and forgiveness at the center of this faith makes this a journey I can’t help but to want to follow.  

I’m also looking forward to worshipping with you – finding a new spiritual home is exciting, and my husband and I are keen to get settled into the area and into our new home.

I hope this has been a useful way to introduce myself to you, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have if you get in touch through Chris, Sarah or Mike. I have been furloughed from my current job at the moment, which hopefully shouldn’t last too much longer, but I am taking the time to think up some ideas for this project, (as well as the usual lockdown distractions like baking far too much and working through the whole of Netflix!). I’m really looking forward to the impact we can have on the community during recovery from this time, and will hopefully be seeing you soon.

Stay safe, I’ll keep in touch!


Welcome Rebecca – Project Co-Ordinator

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