The UK Blessing

On Wednesday Evening at the Barn Church Zoom Exchange Hub meeting we listened to a music video called The UK Blessing. You can see it on You Tube by clicking this link.

Today the Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote to worship leader Tim Hughes to thank him for organising ‘The UK Blessing’ music video released last week. The video features people from 65 churches and has been seen over 2 million times on YouTube. The Prime Minister awarded him his daily Points of Light Award – a prize which has been running since 2014 to recognise individuals who have had a positive impact on society. 

It is an amazing song and the way it has been creatively put together is a reflection of the creative gifts that God has blessed people and his church with. It is also a real expression of unity and togetherness at a time where we have to remain physically apart.

You can hear Tim Hughes speaking about it by clicking this link.

You can read the news article about it by clicking this link.