Bethel Sozo

While we are unable to meet in person we are offering Sozo appointments by Zoom. Please click this link to request an appointment.*

What is Bethel Sozo?

Bethel Sozo is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry.  The main aim is to get to the root of those things hindering your personal connection with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Once your connection with God has been healed you are able to walk in the destiny to which you have been called.

‘SOZO’ is the Greek word which translated means saved, healed, delivered.

  • Salvation: ‘That if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him  from the dead you shall be saved (sozo)’ Romans 10:9
  • Healing : ‘But Jesus turning and seeing her said “Daughter take courage your faith has made you well” (sozo) and at once the woman was made well (sozo)’ Matthew 9:22
  • Deliverance: ‘Those who had seen it reported to them how the man who was demon possessed had been made well (sozo)’ Luke 8:36

Is Sozo for me?

Do you have difficulties with your walk with God, difficulties hearing Him, seeing and sensing Him?

Do you feel there is a barrier that is preventing you from hearing?

Are you having difficulty with other relationships in your life and don’t understand why?

Have you spent time and energy in trying to overcome issues in your life without success?

Are you a church or ministry leader looking to help people work through wounds, hurts and issues?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above, then Sozo is for you.

If you are a church or ministry leader then you can be trained in the Bethel Sozo ministry

So why have a BETHEL SOZO?

  • Sozo is a gentle and effective inner healing/deliverance ministry.
  • Sozo is simple, fast and Spirit led.
  • Sozo identifies and addresses core issue in minutes instead of years.
  • Sozo helps heal your relationship with God to enable you to fulfil your destiny.

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” John 8:32

The Greek word for ‘know’ means to have an intimate and personal encounter with the truth as well as the source of that truth.

Sozo was developed in 1997 by Dawna De Silva & Teresa Liebscher  from Bethel  Redding, USA. Since the start of Sozo the ministry has developed worldwide and is now in more than 80 countries. Thousands have found freedom through Bethel Sozo sessions.

More details can be found on this link-  Sozo download

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Forgiveness is a command from the Lord.

Because Jesus freely forgives us for all our sins, we must also freely forgive.

Forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling.


How to apply for a Bethel Sozo Appointment Please click here for downloadable form

Bethel Sozo Application Form

Practical points before coming to your Sozo appointment

We recommend you share what happened during your Sozo session with someone you trust so that you will have someone to pray with who will walk this healing process with you. It is advised that this person should not be who you consider your “best friend”.

Prayer & Fasting could be helpful. It could be from a meal or from watching television.

As a Mentoring church we sometimes have a third person in a session observing for training purposes.

Sozo sessions available:

Standard Sozo – sessions 1hr – 2 ½ hrs

Children’s Sozo is to help children get connected and encounter Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Jesus said “Let the children come to me!”. This is for any child or teenager who wants to get connected to God so that the fears, anxieties or blockages are removed and they can live a forgiveness lifestyle that Jesus has for them

Children’s Sozo – two shorter sessions plus an interview to get to know the child with the parent(s)

Children’s Sozo Application Form

Skype Sozo – 1hr – 2 ½ hrs

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