Bible Study@the Barn OnLine

Every Wednesday the Bible Study is live on Zoom.  It starts at 7.15pm for those who would like a chat over a cuppa and the study itself begins at 7.30pm. The study is made up of a small group of people and is interactive.

Bible studies usually include reading a Bible passage together and discussing a set of questions from a study guide. There is no pressure to speak – no one is put on the spot! The evening usually ends with a short time of prayer for one another. The prayers can be spoken aloud or prayed silently.

The Bible Study is an opportunity for people to look at God’s Word together and see how it helps each of us in our day to day lives, everyone is welcome. To request an invitation, please click this link and complete the form.*

Personal Bible Study – if you would like to try a personal bible study please click this button.

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