Sunday Services

Every Sunday we are live on Zoom from 10:50 (services start at 11:00). We are currently working our way through a series exploring how we can know God’s will.

To request an invitation please click this link and complete the form*. Rev. Mike Robertson will email you an invitation which will allow you to attend the service on a computer, laptop or mobile device or dial in and listen to the service using a standard telephone. The email you receive from Mike will have the appropriate link for you to click/phone number to dial. If you have not used Zoom before click the link some time in advance of the meeting starting so that you have enough time to install Zoom on your computer (this can be done even a few days in advance when you receive the link).

On a Sunday Morning from 10:50 when you click the link to join the Zoom meeting it will tell you that you are in a waiting room. Mike allows everyone onto the meeting individually at the start of the service.

During a service, participants microphones are muted by Mike but you will be able to see and hear Mike and see others who have joined the service on the screen. Services normally include: sung worship (where words and music will be played for you to sing along to, nobody other than people in your house will hear you!); prayer; and a sermon.

Zoom services are a great opportunity to see people and be part of something bigger than we are otherwise allowed at the moment.

*To view our privacy and data protection information please click this link.